Monday, May 2, 2011

Yay!!! haha
I'm glad to hear that Osama Bin Laden is dead. Are they sure it's him or is it one of his 50 million fakes?
Well this week went by really well for us. We didn't have any baptisms but we have a lot of really good investigators. Not much has really happened this week but I'll try to do my best to tell you what happened.
 I should be calling you guys tomorrow to have the pre call and set up a time to call back on Mothers Day. If not tomorrow I'm not sure when. Also, I don't know when I'll be able to set up Skype but Pres. Turk said we could have time to do it.
Well what we did today for our zone activity was go to the mall!!!!! I ate a big burger from McDonalds and it was delicious!!!! haha I can't wait to go back. The mall here is pretty much like the mall in the states but not as many people maybe because we went in the morning.
Also, I was able to give like 5 blessings to the sick this week in spanish which was really cool. When we talk on the phone this time I should be able to tell you a bunch of things in spanish. You don't really notice how much you understand until you watch another person that doesn't know spanish be really confused about what somebody is saying.
Yesterday I read in the book, Our Heritage, that the pioneer saints arrived in the Utah Valley the 21st of July, the same day I left on my mission. A little time after Brigham Young said,  "This is the right place." I remember that when I left on my mission that day I was sad but when I got to the MTC I said, "Well I know I'm in the right place." 
I know that if we follow the Lord he will always put us in the right place.
Until next week.

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