Monday, May 16, 2011

Hey everyone!!! 
Well another awesome week went by in the Trujillo Peru Mission. We had interviews and.....I passed!!! haha No the interviews with President Turk are really great and we always leave our meetings with him really pumped up and ready to work as hard as we can. 
This week was really successful for us. We have one baptismal date for this Saturday. It is a 65 year old lady named Grimaldina Worst name I've heard so far in the mission, but she is a really nice lady. She is from the mountains and she doesn't know how to read and we have to teach with pictures and only one or two principles per lesson. Now I know how my mom must feel every day teaching little second grade kids that are just learning how to read. 
Well nothing else really crazy or interesting happened this week but we were able to teach a ton of people and I feel that we should have another baptism this week or the next as well. This area is really improving and the people are starting to gain a lot of confidence in us. 
The meeting that we had in the office went really well. Hermana Turk taught us a really cool lesson that helped to motivate us. She asked us how we would feel if someone would give us 1 million dollars to talk to everyone in the streets about the gospel. She said that we would be running around talking to everyone, but later told us that these people in Trujillo are each worth a lot more than money, that each one is a Child of God and that we will receive a lot more than a million dollars if we are able to help one of them learn about the gospel and change their lives.
 As a missionary in Peru we hear a lot about all the crazy doctrine because there a lot of churches here and the people are really gulable and believe whatever they hear if it's from a priest or pastor. We hear things all the time that God is only a spirit, that God, Christ and the Holy Ghost are one person. That Jehovah in the Bible is God, that only 144,000 are going to be saved in the kingdom of God, that Satan has power over God to control the Earth, that Adam and Eve ruined everything for us and a lot more beliefs that are even crazier.
 I'm very grateful to live in a place where there are a lot of members and where everybody has the ability to learn about the gospel or at least have an opportunity. As a missionary we don't always know the answers but after we pray and search for them we always find them and our church always has the right answer. I know that this church is true and has the most sound doctrine of any church because the leaders of this church have always been called of God and receive revelation. I know that the Book of Mormon, the Pearl of Great Price and the Doctrine and Covenants help us to know the answers to all the problems of the world. Well, the church is true and I gotta go teach that... so until next week, 
Elder Wilkinson
 ps... Mom I forgot what you want me to do so let me know in the next jerseys, send photos, and I forgot what else. haha 
see ya later!   

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