Monday, August 29, 2011

Hey everyone!!
Everything is going really well here in the Noria.  I'm still here with my hijo (son) Elder Bulmini, but I'm not really training him that much in this second change because he pretty much know everything now. Anyways, yes mom, we still have a lot of people at church.  Eleven went to church last week!!!!!! haha and this week we are going to have 2 or 3 more baptisms.  Their names are Cynthia, Melissa and Jorjo. Cynthia and Melissa are sisters and they are really great. They are progressing a lot and have testimonies of the gospel. Jorjo is progressing as well and we hope that he can be baptized as well but we will see. Anyways, so far everything is going normal as far as being a district leader, but this week President Turk or one of the assistants will be attending my district meeting so I'm going to have to have a pretty good one. I hope it turns out good so please pray for that!!!! haha
Anyways, we changed rooms last week and it was a pain to move but we now live on the second story of a house instead of a garage yayyyyy! The room is a little smaller but the bathroom is awesome.
Thanks mom for giving me that advice it will really help me. There is a part very similar to that in my patriarical blessing that you reminded me of, ha you know me better than anyone so I should listen to your advice.  
Well Grandma asked me if it is cold still, and no it's not too cold. Some nights we go proselyting with sweater vests on, but everyone here thinks that it is freezing so they are all pretty much like my mom. 
I hope all is going well in school and everyone is happy with their classes. 
I hope that everyone has good birthdays this week because there are a lot!!! Happy Birthday Grandma, Papa, Mom, Grandma Lecta and Tori Sorrentino. 
All is going well here. The church is growing. I know the church is true and contains the authority to administer to the children of God. I know that this is the only church that gives the gift of the Holy Ghost and that it contains the fullness of the gospel. I know that God lives and that he speaks to us. I know that families can be happy and live forever through the mercy and atonement of Christ and I hope you all know that.
Until next week,
Elder Wilkinson

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