Friday, August 19, 2011

Hey everyone!! Thanks for your emails. I got one from mom, grandma and Nick!!!!!yayyyyyy!  Well everything went very well this week. We had 14 investigators in church on Sunday!!! The Lord is really blessing us now in our area. Anyways, one of our investigators is going to be interviewed this week and maybe be baptized this Saturday.  Her name is Santos and she is a very good lady.  She is from the mountains so she doesn't have very much education, but she can read so that is good. She really had a strong desire to be baptized and to dedicate herself to the Lord as she always tells me.  She is a really special lady to have so many children alone and still be willing to dedicate time to come to church.  She practically comes alone too which is amazing . Anyways there are 5 more people that have accepted to be baptized so now we're just waiting for all of them to be married!!!! The family Asto is doing really well and they all read the Book of Mormon and we have Family Home Evening with them every Tuesday night. It is great! They are already worried and keep saying they are going to miss me when I go to a different area. 
Well this week we had a meeting for all of the missionaries that are training and all of their new companions.  It was very special and President Turk always makes us feel like we are able to do anything we want to and that we are in the best mission in the entire world and that everyone wants to be baptized here. I sure hope that someday I can become like him because he is a very special person.
Anyways, I have decided to make a decision about something. I don't need any more packages until Christmas time. haha I'm getting way too many and I'm famous in the office for the most packages received from home I think. Thank you family for the love, but haha I want you to save your money. It hurts me more to see that you are spending 20 dollars for everyone and that you could be spending it on other things.  It would be great to just send me letters because I like that the most and also pictures.  If you want to send pictures you could do it through my email as well. Anyways, it's your decision. haha
I'm really interested to go back to our ward and see Bishop Smith and how hard he works because the bishopbric has been a lot different so far where I have served.  I'm glad for the bishop that we have back home and how willing he is to serve and sacrifice for the members. Tell bishop that I said hi and that I hope everything is going well.
Anyways, also this week we had interviews with President Turk and after we played all the crazy games that are on the blog.  I did get the cookie from my forehead to my mouth in about 20 seconds but the game where you pick up the beans with a straw was very hard. However, Hermana Turk gave us the weird nickname because we were the champions of foosball in our district. We both won a package of candy and we were both very happy.
Anyways, everything is going very well. However, when my district leader came out of his interview with President he told me that President Turk told him what was going to happen to me this next change so now I'm nervous about what is going to happen because I should have at least one more change with my companion.
Anyways, thanks and until next week

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