Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Hey everyone. 
Glad to hear that all is well and that Sadie got a
job!!!!! yaaaaaaaaaaa!!!
I hope everyone is healthy and that everyone is
ready to go back to school, except for dad and me. haha 
Well I also have some pretty good news. We have 4 baptismal dates now! There is
one young kid named Jorjo that has a baptismal date for the 27th of
August and also the family Asto has a baptismal date as well. They
have agreed to set up a matrimony for the 3rd of September and then be
baptized the 10th of September, all around the birthdays of you
guys!!!!! Anyways they are progressing a lot. Artemio and his daughter
both fasted with us yesterday and came to church, but the mom was a
little sick and had to stay home. 
Anyways all is good here and things
are looking up. Last Friday we had an activity that's called a Noche
Misional. It's like a missionary night when the investigators come and
also the members with their friends and we teach a small lesson and
then play fun games with the people. This week we had a relay race,
played musical chairs and had an egg throwing contest. I don't want to
brag but I won the relay race and the egg throwing contest!! haha In
the relay race we had to spin around 15 times to be dizzy, then run
through an obstacle course, then eat an entire banana, then put
on a tie and then blow up a balloon and pop it. haha Everyone else did
it in 57 seconds or more and I did it in 27 seconds.
 It was really fun. 
Also this week we were able to do 6 service projects. We helped
paint the house of Jorjo, we cleaned a park with the primary, we
taught english to a member, we cleaned the windows, mopped the floor
and washed the dishes in the house of the pensionista and we helped a
different lady cut out pictures for a display. 
They were all pretty fun activities.
 Anyways if you could please pray for a kid named Dante
that he can feel good enough and be healthy enough to go to church
this week and also the sister Santos that she can get ahold of her
husband so she can coordinate her matrimony. 
Well my camera does take AA batteries so thanks for sending them.
 I did get one package but I don't
know what it is yet until tomorrow. Also for Grandma Tuttle, yes
August is the coldest month here as well and they all think that it is
extremely cold but its like spring. I'm sure that Chile is a lot colder
though because it is a lot further south. 
Well I want to invite everyone to make sure and 
fast next month because it is really powerful.
 I've gained a testimony of fasting in the mission because I
have seen a lot of miracles from it. We are tempted a lot as
missionaries to break our fasts and we always have to remember that we
are fasting because people always try to give us food. I like the
scripture in Helaman that is in chapter three verse 35 I think that
talks about the importance and blessings of the fast. 
I hope you can all do it next month!!!!! 
Anyways still waiting on the answer of the
scripture I have on my mission plaque...............and also make sure
to ask my friends to email me because they can!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
But they have to send it through your email address is what our president has told us. 
Anyways pray for me and I'll pray for you.
 until next week,
Elder Wilkinson. 
 LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!

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