Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!!!
 Hey everyone I hope Halloween is going great there. Here in Trujillo they don't celebrate Halloween. They know it's today but nobody dresses up and nobody gives out candy! haha Here there are a lot of real witches and card readers and sorcerers so the people see it more as something bad and always ask us why we believe in Halloween. I just tell them for the candy.
 Anyways we have a lot of great people that are progressing now in our area and we are praying for them like crazy. Elder cook and I are doing good and we always are joking about the little funny and weird things that the Peruvians do. There are a lot of things now that seem normal to me that he still thinks are weird so it's really funny sometimes. The other day he asked me if i remembered how clean the U.S. is because we were in an area that had a lot of garbage and it seemed really normal to me but he was laughing at how I've forgotten what the streets are like there. Here everyone just throws their garbage out on the curb and some men come around at some time during the day to grab it. However, sometimes the garbage blows away or the dogs get into it or poor people come look through it to take things so it gets a little messy. Also, everyone litters here so I'm sure that you can imagine how it would be. haha 
Anyways, from what I've heard it sounds like someone needs to go hunting with my dad so he can have fun this year. Somebody please go with him because I can't do it!!!!! ha 
Well my mom asked me what my favorite type of p day is. Well it's just to sleep all day long haha. Today we are going to watch Astro Boy in spanish and then go to our rooms and prepare for the next week and I will prepare for the district meeting that we have tomorrow and revise our area book and also teach Elder Cook how to use it so he can help me out a lot. 
Really this week I learned a lot about including the Lord in the important decisions that we have to make. We have an investigator that needs to make a lot of important decisions and she agreed to fast with us. From the mission I know that fasting is a powerful tool. To invoke the blessings from the Lord that are waiting for us. I plan on doing it a lot after the mission to make all of the important decsions that are waiting for me. 
Anyways, I know this church is true and that the gospel blesses my life in every moment. I know I have the best family in the world and friends that love me and I pray for you always. 
Elder Wilkinson.

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