Monday, October 17, 2011

Hey everyone sounds like you are all doing really well. Here we are doing alright just a lot of little stresses that we're going through. Our pensionista doesn't have a lot of time to cook for us anymore so we have spent the last week trying to find a new one and we finally found one but it is for next month. haha Well we also are looking for a new room to live in because the one we live in right now is the house of non- members and they are really angry people that shout and scream all day at each other and we can hear everything. It really takes away the spirit. Also haha I got a cold friday night and I still have it. haha Other than that everything else is going good. 
We had our baptism on Friday night and Sarita got baptized. She was really happy and excited and before she didn't want to give her testimony, but after the baptism she changed her mind and did it. She likes to joke around a lot so after I baptized her, when we were getting out of the water, she started to throw and splash freezing cold water all over me and my face. I'm pretty sure that's what got me sick!!! haha Also we are really glad because we have the family Asto that is progressing so much in this ward and also their son- in-law Christian will get married and baptized this week or the next.  Another great couple has accepted to get married and they should be baptized the week after their marriage as well. All of the people that we baptized now have other family members listening which is a really great thing. 
My companion Elder Cook and I are doing great. He knows the language pretty well and is learning it fast. We just have been so busy he hasn't had a lot of time to study the language. Also, he lives in Spanish Fork now but he is from Fountain Green, which is by Ephraim, Utah where we go hunting so he knows a little about that and he is also a really good golfer everyone tells me. He has a golf scholarship, I'm not sure where to, but he likes a lot of the same things as me. 
Anyways I hope everything is going good. Make sure to invite everyone to write me for Christmas, that's what I really want, and if they want also they can email me through your account. 
Really truly I know that this church is true and that it gives us peace in our lives and gives us hope when others have fear and doubt. I know that priesthood power is real and I have seen lots of miracles through priesthood blessings and that fasting is very powerful and important as well.
 Until next week, Elder Wilkinson!!!!!!!!!!

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