Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Hey everyone! How's life?
Everything is going well here in La Noria.  The Lord still blesses us like crazy here and I'm not sure what we are doing but we had another baptism this week. It was the daughter of our recent convert Santos. Her name is Vanesa and she is 19 years old. She is really shy but likes to go to church with us. Now everyone that lives in that house that is over 8 years old is baptized!!!!!! haha I hope that we can help keep this family active because they are really great and really humble. 
Other good news is that this next week we are going to have a lot of cool stuff happening. Tomorrow we have the multi-zone conference and Elder Waddell is coming to talk to us. I'm sure that it will be great and that he will teach us a lot of really great stuff.  
Thanks Grandma for telling me all that stuff about him now maybe if I get to talk to him I can say something. haha 
Also, this Friday we are going to have a baptism!!!! wooo hoooo!! Our investigators have a ton of faith and they really trust us a lot. What I was able to do with Elder Bulmini and also with Elder Cook is just love the people with all my heart, become their friends, gain their trust, and then let them know what you have and what they're missing in their lives. haha  I'm a lot more spiritual of a person now being on the mission but the people that know me know that I'm a really chill person and not too expressive with my words. I do try to be the perfect friend with everybody here.  
Anyways, the baptism that we are going to have is of a 23 year of girl names Sarita.  She is really funny and has 2 little girls.  When Elder Bulmini left she promised us that she would get baptized and that I would send the pictures to him. The other member of the Asto family that wasn't married is going to be married and baptized on the 22nd of October. ha Wow!! I also promised the Asto family that when they finish the Trujillo Temple that I'm going to fly down and go to their sealing as an eternal family. They are so great and every time that we talk to them they tell us of all the blessings they have received since becoming members.  
Anyways, the names of the parents of my companion are Cristine and Scott Cook. I think they lived somewhere else before by Ephraim, Utah but ya.
 Well gotta go but I love ya and friends.
Also, I don't know if I put it in the letter a week ago but Happy Birthday Chris Sorrentio!!! haha I didn't forget ya buddy!
Well gotta go but here's a scripture that you could read family....Moroni 8:3. It made me think of you!

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