Monday, October 24, 2011

Hey everyone how's it going!? Everything is great here except for the fact that I'm about to pee my pants!!!!!! ha There are no public bathrooms and we are all here writing our families and I'm just dying. oh well haha This week has been great. my new companion Elder Cook, Grandma asked for his name which is Kris, we are doing good and still seeing a lot of miracles here in The Noria. Well I gotta write later because I'm going to go to the bathroom right here. haha Talk to ya later....

Alright I'm back... woooo that was close. haha Well this last week our baptism date got moved back. His name is Christian and is part of the Asto family. He is going to be married this Saturday and then the next Saturday he will be baptized. We also have 5 other people that are planning on being baptized before the 12th of November so we are trying to do everything we can to help them. n
Nothing really special happened this week but I'm very glad to be in the mission right now and help these people change their lives. It's helping me change mine by helping them. The gospel really is so simple but there is so much to learn and so many scriptures and stories that help us to follow Christ's example. What we've learned a lot about recently in this mission is that we first have to convert ourselves to the gospel to help convert others. If any of you have missionaries in your wards please help them or at least go with them to a lesson and be the friend of whoever they're going to teach, it really means a lot to them. The members here are not the most motivated people but there are a few people that help a ton with the work and you can tell that they are the happiest members as well. We really are happy when we serve others and when we serve the Lord. 
Ask my friends to write to me and I'll try to write them for Christmas as well. 
Anyways, I love you guys and hope you're all good. 
Elder Wilkinson

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