Monday, April 30, 2012

Hey everyone, well this week was very strange and very stressful. I don’t think I told you last week but we have been preparing a massive marriage here in Viru and after the assistants heard about it they decided to invite the whole mission to participate. Elder Esobar and I had to plan a massive marriage for 13 couples. The hardest part was getting all the paperwork done because there is no way to communicate with the city office. It’s a little dinky town about an hour away on a bumpy dirt road. There is no phone service so we had to go there like twice last week. Everything went well though and we put up decorations. I got them a few cakes to eat and take pictures with. We even put up a movie on the projector so the other couples could watch movies while they were waiting. I should be able to help Sadie a bit when I get back even though her wedding will be pretty much planned haha
This week we also did service with the missionaries in Viru Pueblo. There area is a little town that has only like 25 members but President Turk wants them to move there so we started to help build their room. We brought the zone there and started to move boulders and dirt and bricks.  It was really fun but really exhausting. 
I also had to do a few baptism interviews this week for the other missionaries. I don’t know why but I like doing baptism interviews. It’s cool to see and hear about the changes people have made in their lives.
 Well just so you know today was changes. I’ve received my change and I know pretty much where I’ll end my mission. My area is in Chimbote, Peru. The area is called, El Carmen, it’s small but I’ve heard that it has lots of success.
 Well anyways, I love all of you. I’m glad to be here in the mission and I’m glad to hear from you every week. I sent a letter to Dad and Justin in the mail the other day so it should arrive pretty soon. I hope all goes well this week.  I’ll let you know a little more about my new area next week and how it is going. My new companion is Elder Marquez from Chile. I think that’s 4 Chilenos now that I’ve had as companions in the mission. He is great. 
 Ya until next week. Chao!!!!!!!
Tyler's new companion
Elder Marquez
he is from Chile

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