Monday, April 23, 2012

Hey family!!! This keyboard is terrible but I'll write my best.
Glad to hear that all is well. All is well here.
Finally we have another fecha here in Puente, VirĂº. Her name is Maribel. She is a single mother who is about 45. She is great. We found her only a week ago and she already has a strong desire to be baptized. She has relatives in another town that are members and because of the changes they have made in their lives and the examples that they have set has made her know that this church helps people change their lives and that's really what she wants. She has already started to read the Book of Mormon but as she was reading her glasses broke. What an obstacle that is, but she already believes that what she read is true. We are planning on baptizing her Sunday after church. Well we had District Conference yesterday. It is pretty much Stake Conference but as a district. All of the talks were really good. It was really funny this week because we found a family from the mountains during the week and committed them to go to church. The mother went to church wearing a big sombrero. It was funny and awesome. Everyone looked at us as we walked in but after seeing everyone else without a hat she took it off.
Please pray for Eduardo. He is soooo close to being baptized and if he decides he could do it this Saturday.
 I just got great news. My son, Elder Cook, just got called to serve in the office as financial secretary. He is doing great and he will be calling me every week to talk about financial issues.
Well tell Chase I said hi and congratulations for sticking with the mission until the end. I just got my trunky letter in the which I have to fill out all the information about my address, what airport I will arrive in, my phone number and what day I will be leaving. It is the 23rd of July my friends... a very sad day indeed. But the 24th will be a great one. I hope everyone is okay and stays okay.
Until next week,
Elder Wilkinson
District Meeting
Puente, Viru
April 22, 2012

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