Monday, April 16, 2012

Well everyone, everything is great! I'm really, really excited to hear
the news about the family Changa and that the parents are getting
baptized. I remember when we first started teaching them. They are a
really great family and I miss them. Mom make sure to write them and
tell them that I'm proud of them. Mirope, the mom, always listened to us
and when I saw her on Christmas I told her she had to get baptized
before I ended my mission..........and she did!!!!! It's really great
to see that the work you did a long time ago still brings fruits and
results for the Lord.
This week here in Puente was good. Today was
actually a little cooler in the morning so there is a little bit of
difference in the weather.
I got my package from Grandma Tuttle. It
took a while to get here because the post office was on strike for a
little while because apparently they had problems getting paid.
not much happened this week. Just here in Puente VirĂº. It's called
Puente because in spanish puente is bridge and there is a big bridge
crossing a river in front of this town. Our recent convert, Reyner, from
The Selva received the aaronic priesthood yesterday. That made us
really happy. He bought a white shirt to go to church because he
wanted to fit in with everyone else. I gave him one of my ties. Reyner
has been a member for a short period of time but is really close to
finishing the Book of Mormon. He is already in 3 Nephi chapter
21!!!!!! It's amazing how fast he is progressing. He also attends
institute. I didn't even go to institute yet!!! haha
Well family
thanks for all your prayers and for all that you do. Mom, thanks for
sharing that story with me. I love you all and pray for you every day.
This church is true. It's blessed my life every single day and it keeps
me on the path to eternal life. To serve the church of Christ is what
makes us happy because we are only serving Him.
Until next week.
Elder Wilkinson

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